How To Update Gmail Password In Windows 10 Mail? Take Guidelines From Us

There is no official Google app for Windows 2010 till date. Fortunately, the default mail is compatible with all the standard mail systems comprise of web mail service in Gmail for this need. You are required to enter the Gmail account address as well as the password for adding the Gmail account to Win 10 Mail. For solving the query how to update Gmail password in Windows 10 Mail contact with the gmail support team and find out the accurate answer.


There are many situations where you change the password of Gmail all for security reasons then you need to update the Gmail password in Windows 10 Mail and will be able to catch the messages. If you use inapt password then Mail app will show the Gmail account settings which is not in the banner notification. You will be able to see that Gmail account settings are out of date message while you click the Gmail account in Mail app. You can update the Gmail password in Win 10 Mail in few minutes.

It is crucial to note that it is not possible for you to change the Gmail a/c password from Win 10 app. This clarifies that for changing the password, first of all sign in the Gmail account in the web browser and then follow the instructions available in the guide. After change of the password ensure for using the guide for updating the password in Win 10 Mail app.

There are two methods for updating the Gmail a/c password in Win 10 Mail app:

Method I:

  1. First open Mail app by typing Mail in search box. Press Enter Key
  2. Press Gmail account on the Home screen
  3. Then click the Gmail account and you will find a message saying ‘Your Gmail account settings are out of date’ message. Then press the Fix account button
  4. You will come across Gmail account address. Press ‘Next’
  5. Enter New or Updated password for gmail account. Press Sign in
  6. Press ‘Allow’ for updating the Gmail password

Method II:

  1. Start with opening the Windows 10 Mail app. Then right-click the Gmail account
  2. Press Account settings
  3. After you see Gmail account settings dialog, press ‘Delete account’
  4. After you see the confirmation the dialog message, press ‘Delete’ for removing Gmail account from Win 10 Mail
  5. Press Settings icon for opening the Settings Page. Press manage accounts and press add account option.
  6. Press Google. Enter the Gmail account address, Type the password. Press Sign in button and press Allow button for adding the Gmail account in order to go back to the Windows 10 Mail

Still you are not unable to change Gmail password in Window 10 mail then connect with our customer support number of Gmail password recovery team at anytime.


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