How To Add Two Gmail Account In Mobile Phone? Contact Gmail Support Desk Now!

Gmail clients have a few things to ask however they don’t know where to gather well-suited reply from. Numerous a circumstances, the question is requested that how include two Gmail account in Mobile Phone. It has turned out to be so imperative for everybody and particularly for experts that they get simplicity of getting to the email account in the cell phone. There are a few imperative purposes for this like one can get to the record while on the drive. You will come to know the able status of the email account like in the event that you are a business then having account in telephone is worth to get right status of the workplace. In the meantime, messages from customers be overhauled. In this manner, to have Gmail account in your advanced cell demonstrates how cleverly you handle things and the mindfulness about the work status.


It is gratefulness on your part to keep email information on two diverse messaging accounts. Along these lines you can separate what email account you have to open and for what reason. With cell phone like Android, it is anything but difficult to include account, evacuate accounts also match up.


How to add two Gmail account in Mobile Phone? It is an urge to have two Gmail accounts in phone, one for personal needs and other one for just for professional needs. This is how the process takes place!

  1. First of all launch Settings from the Home Screen, app drawer or the notification shade.
  2. Then swipe the Settings menu to scroll down
  3. After that Tap ‘Accounts’
  4. Then tap the ‘Settings’ and swipe the settings menu. Tap accounts
  5. After this, Tap Add Account
  6. Tap Google
  7. Then type the email address available in the field. You can also create a new account that needs to be added


  • Then tap the account, tap Google and type the email ID
  • Then you are required to tap Next
  • After typing Next, type password and type Next
  • Type Password
  • Again click Next
  • Make sure that you enter 2-Step Verification code if you enable and then tap ‘Next’
  • Then tap accept for agreeing to the terms of service as well as privacy policy.
  • Then tap the billing info option
  • Lastly tap Continue

If these guidelines help in resolving the query like How to add two Gmail account in Mobile Phone or else get guidelines from the Gmail customer care and catch the appropriate support and guidance.If you don’t know all about Gmail support contact number and you need to find the toll FREE number for Gmail then fetching the help from support will definitely help you out. By calling and obtaining ultimate ease from Gmail technical support you will be able to resolve so many complications within the short time amount.


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